Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Paintant Report, FLUOR

Paintant Report, 2012
Commissioned for FLUOR Magazine, Issue #3

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2012 · FLUOR – One year, one magazine

FLUOR, contemporary culture magazine, appears at a time of economic crisis, amid a whirlwind that entangles and mixes art with business, luxury with necessity, ideas with forms… that make craft into art and vulgarity into elegance. Although it’s designed and created from the world of visual arts, FLUOR is not just an art magazine but a publication that will generate synergies that will set relations between the different languages and cultural forms of the present, past and future. A publication that will pay special attention to the work of artists and artists themselves. They will be the protagonists of FLUOR: with their works, their texts and their contributions. Painters, illustrators, photographers, writers, musicians… FLUOR’s pages will be filled with their work, their ideas and their words.

An essential part of FLUOR, which will define the magazine, will be the projects of invited artists who will create 16 pages of personal creativity, with specific and unique works, made especially for FLUOR. Familiar and unfamiliar artists, young and old, Spanish and other nationalities and that use any language. It doesn’t matter, every three months, in FLUOR we hope to make room for everyone: artists and ideas, forgotten and unpublished texts, narrative and beauty, horror and doubt, art and thought.

In FLUOR there will be no art criticism or any kind of critical opinion beyond the ones that our collaborators and invited artists raise with their views and attitudes. The formal and conceptual crisis of criticism has done much harm to Contemporary Art, and so with FLUOR, the objective is to introduce a different approach to culture, art and the work of artists with minimum intermediaries.

FLUOR will be, as of the first trimester of 2012, the contemporary culture magazine of these turbulent times, a place to visit on paper, a parallel exhibition space, a mixing desk for DJs of today’s culture, a magazine on who we are and what we will be in the future.

It is quarterly and bilingual (Spanish and English), to facilitate its distribution throughout the world. FLUOR will be distributed in bookstores and museum shops, and is designed for subscription (primarily for the direct contact that can be created between the reader and the publisher). It will also be present at art and book fairs around the world. We will strive to be close enough to the reader and art and literature enthusiast so that they can always count on the magazine, tailored to their tastes and interests.

FLUOR is certainly a different magazine and above all, bold and modern up to the point that it’s able to unite in its pages all kinds of languages and formats.