Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Landscape of Being - ebook

AGENCY – Art, Life and Society e-book 2 - THE LANDSCAPE OF BEING


Writers: Ankur Betageri (India) Lucrezia De Domizio Durini (Italy) Robert C Koehler (USA)
Phil Rockstroh (USA) Margaret Wheatley (USA)

Artists: Ishola Akpo (Benin) Jelili Atiku (Nigeria) Conrad Atkinson (UK/USA) Lucy Azubuike
(Nigeria/USA) The Caravan Gallery (UK) U We Claus (Germany) Nicholas Galanin (Alaska)
Deborah Kass (USA) Olga Kisseleva (Russia) Simon Lewandowski & Richard Price (UK)
Mário Macilau (Mozambique) Ian MacKenzie (Canada) Fabian Marcaccio (Argentina/USA)
Graham Martin (UK) Ealy Mays (USA/Paris) Patrick McGrath Muñiz (Puerto Rico) Laura Nelson
(UK) Jackie Raybone (UK)  Anna Tretter (Germany) Angela Tyler-Rockstroh (USA)

The Landscape of Being is conceived and curated by Dr Graham Martin

‘The Landscape of Being is about our state of being in this still beautiful, globalised post-modern
crisis-ridden world. This book starts where our first e-book On the Contemporary ended, with a
call for humanitarian values, and for individuals and societies to embrace a common humanity
and the preciousness of human life. Its beating heart comes from the Occupy Movement,
Contemporary African art, Buddhism and the work of Joseph Beuys. The struggle for our
humanity, even for the capacity to be and remain human, seems ongoing and so, into an
increasingly virtual and consumerised world, I send this book out as flame, wound and reality.’

Released 12th October 2012 and available as a free pdf download.

Graham Martin
Director of Agency – Art, Life and Society, an international curatorial project based
in Yorkshire, UK, concerned with the socio-political and the how and why of living.