Thursday, May 12, 2016

Interview, T33 Barcelona

Interview with T33, Barcelona in conjunction with Family, Group, Cluster, Swarm at Galeria Joan Prats.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dynamic Pictorial Models, Group show, 101/Exhibit, Los Angeles

Dynamic Pictorial Models
Pedro Barbeito, Lydia Dona
Franklin Evans, Fabian Marcaccio

8920 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles
March 12 - May 7 2016

Fabian Marcaccio. Scientologists, 2016. Hand woven manila rope, climbing rope, alkyd paint, silicone, wood, 3D printed plastic, 94 x 82 in.



Featuring the essay New Models, Strange Tools by Raphael Rubinstein, prepared especially for the exhibition. Rubinstein is the author of numerous bestselling books and the acclaimed essay, Provisional Painting.

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Review on Artsy by Bridget Gleeson.