Friday, May 16, 2014

3D printing with Silicone

Results of 2 experiments in printing with silicone on our large printer.


Air Compressor:

Paintant Lab

Selection of works from the Paintant Lab

My painting practice has always being assisted by machines.  For movements like Pop and Minimalism, interest in machines was related to repetition, serialization and the readymade.  In my work, I want to to develop the paradigm of differentiation, variation, and the “ready-grown.”  It is no longer the surface of the Campbell Soup can, now it is the altered soup inside the can.

I started using mechanized processes in the early 1990's to exlpore the relationship between hand painting and printmaking using collograph, machine etching, and photo silkcreen. In the early 2000s I started combining paint and digital printing in large scale environmental works.   At the present I am experimenting with hand painting and 3D printing to realize pictorial activities (Plastemas) that are impossible to paint by other means.

The Paintant Lab is a log of all of these pictorial experimentations, alterations, arrangements and composites.  The effect and mood of the lab is in its multiplicity of pictorial concepts, modes and techniques.  It is not contingent on any individual drawing, digital print, animation or 3D printied object.  Its force is in the innumerable branches of evolution and mutation through material, technique, space and time.

This presentation of the Paintant Lab was part of a 2014 exhibition Paintant Stories produced by Daros Latin America at Casa Daros in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Drawings: Ink on tracing paper.

Actants: digital prints.

Objects: 3D printed parts and Silicone studies for rope paintings.

Animation paintants: various lengths.