Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Some USA Stories" Dirimart Gallery

"Some USA Stories"
Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Dirimart is to host the Argentinian artist Fabian Marcaccio’s one-person exhibition Some USA 
Stories between September 12 and October 12. 

Some USA Stories marks the first solo exhibition of the artist in Turkey. It will be 
simultaneously held with the Istanbul Biennial at Dirimart’s main exhibition venue at 

Some USA Stories displays selected works from the artist’s same-titled series, which was 
exhibited in 2012 at the Kunstmuseum Krefeld. The conceptual framework of the series is 
centered on the history and the leading figures of the USA. The artist interprets American 
society and its economy while inviting the viewers to explore the dark side of the country. 
Marcaccio’s Some USA Stories redefines contemporary painting as both a study on historical 
events as well as the nature of painting itself, and in doing so he invites the viewer to step on 
the other side of the canvas.