Thursday, December 2, 2010

Conjecto Mexico, SAPS

“Conjecto-Mexico,”  2010
Pigment inks on vinyl sign material, oil, silicone and polymers.
w. 20m x h. 5m
SAPS, Sala Arte Publico Sigueiros, Mexico City, Mexico

“For the Siqueiros Hall of Public Art, Marcaccio uses the space originally assigned for Maternidad and Mural para una escuela en el Estado de México, 1971 – 1973, -murals produced by David A. Siqueiros which are currently being restored- and projects a paintant that divides the cubic spaces into dynamic triangles by means of a diagonal support with images and material. With-ject Mexico is proposed as a visual dichotomy that echoes Siqueiros’ work in a spatial, formal and ideological sense, which shoring up various forms of territoriality that have to do with the altered body, organic material and a sinister abstraction of various signs of the media’s power.

Fabián Marcaccio proposes his mural as “an action painting for the participant” that encourages “thinking in a pictorial time-space” and promotes a combination of spatial approaches and experiences denoting the complexity of the pictorial object…”

SAPS, Sala Arte Publico Sigueiros, Mexico