Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Baltasar A co-production of Slagwerk Den Haag en VocaalLab

“… The Dutch/Argentinean composer Claudio Baroni uses five singers and four percussionists as well as electronics and video animation to create a multidisciplinary spectacle that promises to be a memorable finale to November Music 2010... Images, music, and texts merge seamlessly and unexpectedly reinforce each other. This music theatre project is the result of a one of a kind collaboration between composer Claudio Baroni, writer Reinaldo Laddaga, and visual artist Fabian Marcaccio. The narrative tells the amazing story of a group of ragged militants plotting an attack on a mysterious hotel, helped by a child, their ultimate mascot…”
November Music: International Festival for New Music.

Concept and composer: Claudio Baroni
Video and set design: Fabian Marcaccio
Text: Reinaldo Laddaga

Percussion: Slagwerk Den Haag: Fedor Teunisse, Niels Meliefste, Juan Martinez, Joey Marijs
Vocals: VocaalLAB: Janneke Daalderop (soprano), Maria de los Angeles Marques Fernandez (soprano), Ekaterina Levental (mezzo soprano), Arnout Lems (baritone), Job Hubatka (baritone)
Narrator (NL): Dawn Mastin